Please ensure that you have read and understand our licensing policy before you purchase our software.

This product is designed to give your company the freedom necessary to produce limitless pages, editions and publications under one license. Our licensing allows our software to be used also by designers, marketers etc. who wish to digitize publications on their clients behalf. There are some restrictions so be sure to ask any questions if you are uncertain.

All products are sold per company license. This license allows that company to digitize all past, present and future editions that your company wholly owns.

We will also assist you and your team in familiarizing yourself with the software and take you through the complete process, from converting to posting online. We offer all clients a one2one screen-sharing training after their purchase.

Once the software has been received you are allowed to start production immediately. Your company will have permission to digitize all publications that are wholly owned by your company.

Our product provides a software solution instead of a service. Therefore, once you create your digital publications you are free to host them yourselves on your own website! You have full control.

Each solution on our website is sold with 1 company license. You can use this software to create digital editions of any past, present or future issue of any publication owned by that company.

Your license lasts a lifetime. MyVoice is sold per company license. Once purchased you/your company can produce digital editions of any past, current or future publications that your company wholly owns.

The Gold license includes support, training , maintenance and upgrade protection for the first year. After year one, you will receive a notification from our team letting you know your upgrade protection is coming to an end and should you wish to have continued support the cost for maintenance, support and especially upgrade protection, you will find a link in that notification that allows you to instantly renew.

If you have a Gold licence, you receive upgrade protection and receive a free update to the latest version.

When you have converted your PDF into a MyVoice Presentation you can upload this digital publication to your website and then direct your readers to its location – via a link in email or a link from another part of your site etc. You can also choose to create offline editions; these can be put onto DVD, CD or USB and distributed to readers.

When you first run your software, you go through the set up wizard; this lets you upload your logo and choose the domains these magazines will be hosted on.

You can transfer the MyVoice software from one machine to another if you upgrade or change your computer.

1. Open the software on your original machine

2. Click ‘File: Transfer License: Deactivate’

3. Reactivate on the new machine